About us

Want to know about us? Well, grab your snorkel and prepare for a deep dive into our company culture! So, welcome to our world of delightful chaos, where success and laughter go hand in hand!


Who We Are.

ICraftAds, a top-notch Digital Marketing and Web design agency nestled in Ahmedabad, India. We’re your go-to team for Digital Marketing, Branding Solutions, and Web Development magic. Born from the entrepreneurial spirit of IT industry leaders, we’re not just game-changers – we’re world-changers, serving India, UAE, Europe, Australia, and the USA with a trailblazing touch. Our rep? Built on rapid, quality-driven results, all wrapped up in a customer-centric bow. But enough about us, let’s chat about how we can supercharge your brand.

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Know the Squad

We’ve handpicked a motley crew of world-class talent from all corners of the map to turn iconic brands into world dominators and startups into growth-spurting rocketships! So, if you thought the Avengers were cool, wait till you meet us!



Distributed and remote

Our staff, who are increasingly dispersed over the globe, work successfully from any place, including office desks, beaches, mountains, and camper vans.


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Where you can meet us?

Our headquarters might be chillin’ in Ahmedabad, but why not save some cash, the planet, and our precious energy by swapping those wheels for some e-meeting thrills?

Let’s keep our wallets happy and our carbon footprint slim!  #EmeetingRocks

Animals are a part of the team.

We allow our teammates to bring their pets to work so they don’t feel lonely. We’ve got cuddling therapy sessions that double as brainstorming power-ups and boost our mood and creativity.


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Faces who turns
the dream into the reality

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Nikita Dave Sharma


A well-connected techno-commercial media pro, She is also a Google and Meta Certified Trainer, who offers dynamic training in Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, IT, and Marketing Agencies.

Her motivation? Ethical practices and customer-centricity. She can be your digital Sherpa, guiding you through the tech wilderness with expertise and a sprinkle of humor. Join the journey to success with this multifaceted mentor!

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Adarsh Patil



Meet a media maven who’s so well-connected, they’ve got the scoop on business models and technology that runs deeper than a submarine’s hiding spot!

He is on a quest to help their crew conquer common goals with the finesse of a synchronized swimmer meeting a deadlines and Known for delivering top-tier quality and satisfaction, making every project feel like a piece of cake (the really delicious kind)